Hourglass Heaven is based in Vancouver, Canada



Our mission is to provide high-quality clothing to people with an hourglass figure.


We believe in the SEEE model of sustainability, looking at Social, Economic, Ethical and Environmental elements.


We carefully select high-quality materials made to last. We also offer clothing in fabrics derived from renewable wood sources produced in an environmentally sound process.


Manufacturing: Made in Canada
Our clothing is made in Metro Vancouver. We believe in fair wages and good, safe, working conditions and we believe in supporting the local economy.


Suppliers: Canada & USA
We work with a number of suppliers in North America. We source from Canadian suppliers, with the US as the next choice. We work with a number of charitable companies, female entrepreneurs, small startups and sustainable companies.



I founded Hourglass Heaven because I believe everyong has a right to have clothes that fit and look great! I've had difficulty finding clothes that fit since I hit puberty. It was impossible to find simple items, like a dress or a basic suit. I learned most women's clothing is made to fit a pear shape with a modest B or C cup. That's no where near fitting an hourglass figure with a difference of 9" or more between bust and waist and between waist and hips.


I want people to feel like there is clothing that will fit them well. I know some go so far as to choose breast reduction surgery, because they can't fit into the fashionable clothing available in stores. I think it's better to make clothes designed to fit your body, than to feel like you have to change your body to fit clothing!


Let me provide you with dresses, tops and skirts that fit you like a glove. Clothing that looks like it was made for you. Clothes that hug your curves.

Lalena (Laleña)


Hourglass Heaven